Straightup Blues Band

Straightup  Blues Band  

"The Blues" is in the heart and soul of the individual. Everyone hears and feels "The Blues" in a different way. We believe the "Blues" feeling is simply your inner-self telling you that there needs to be change in your life. The task of the "Bluesman" is to find the musical key that unlocks those feelings and prompts you to make positive changes. The "Straightup Blues Band" has found  the key...........Honest, Straight from the Heart "Blues". We have been writing, playing and living the "Blues" as a group since 1998. We perform well together because we are all  good friends. We survive as a group because we work as a team. Each member contributes to the music and our goal of reaching audiences with a big dose of down-home Florida









Ralph Straight
Larry Johnson
 Mike Gardner

"Ain't Got A Clue"

Dave Schlafley

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Andrew Baraban

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